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Terms & Conditions

Agreement for registering and using

You need to accept below terms and conditions to register and use

Registration Terms and Conditions:

Any users can sign up to without any cost.

  • Any users must provide correct information such as name, address, valid email, phone numbers etc while registering to Users shall not try to provide any wrong information or try to mislead iPay and its users.
  • Users will abide all rules and regulations of iPay without causing any threat to iPay or its users.
  • Users will not try to tamper or crack into any forbidden regions in the website.
  • Users can change their personal information after verification done by iPay.
  • We reserve all rights to suspend your account in case we sense anything harmful without any pre-notice or reason to terminate your account.

Operation terms and conditions

1. Opening Account

  • In order to use iPay’s payment services you must first open an account by registering your details on our Website. As part of the signup process you will need to accept these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. You should print out and keep a copy of these Terms of Use for future reference.
  • You may only open one iPay account unless we explicitly approve the opening of additional accounts.
  • You may only open an iPay account if it is legal to do so in your country of residence. By opening an Account you represent and warrant to us that you’re opening of an Account does not violate any laws or regulations applicable to you. You shall indemnify us against any losses we incur in connection with your breach of this section.
  • All information you provide during the signup process or any time thereafter must be accurate and truthful.

2. You may close your iPay account at free of cost by contacting our support team, however, if you have a balance into your iPay Account you may be required to provide identification documents before being able to withdraw funds.

3. Password/Credential Protection

  • iPay gives full security to all its users. Users require maintaining the security of your account on their own.
  • We will not be liable for any loss, cost or damage that you may suffer or incur as a result of someone else using your password or account, either with or without your knowledge.
  • We reserve the right to hold you liable for any loss, cost or expense incurred by any other party due to someone else using your account or password.
  • Immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security that you become aware of and ensure that you exit/logout from your account at the end of each session.
  • In case of password theft or loss or damage, please report iPay support team immediately to or live support telephone number.

4. Account

  • It is strictly against the rule of iPay to open multiple accounts. If we find any user operating multiple accounts under same account name, we will block their account.
  • Fee for Sending Money, receiving money, Top Up and withdrawal is as declared by iPay.
  • A user is responsible for all monies being sent from their account. iPay is not liable for any transaction being done via any user account.

5. Top Up

  • Fee for adding funds to iPay (TopUp) is as declared by iPay.
  • Any users can easily TopUp their iPay account via any of their bank accounts in our partner banks.
  • There is no rollback after a TopUp is done. In case you want your funds back to your original account, you will have to request for a withdrawal with their own terms and conditions.

6. Withdrawal

  • Fee for withdrawing money is as declared by iPay.
  • Any user can easily withdraw funds to any of the valid bank accounts added by them.
  • A withdrawal once made cannot be roll back. iPay is not liable for any wrong withdrawal request made by any user. It is user’s responsibility to make a correct withdrawal request to a correct bank account.

7. Updating Profile Information

  • Any user can edit their personal information if they have any changes such as telephone no. address payment method etc. by login into their particular a/c.
  • We reserve the right to approve/disapprove account information added by users.

8. Prohibited Transactions.

It’s strictly forbidden to send or receive payments as consideration for the sale or supply of such products and services that is illegal as per local law.

9. Changes to these Terms of Use

  • These Terms of Use and any additional terms and conditions that may apply to additional services are subject to change. Changes will be implemented with or without any prior notice from iPay.
  • You need to print this or Terms and Conditions page and review it properly before proceeding to next level. Using iPay services means that you accept all our terms and conditions and will abide all rules and will not make any attempt to tamper it. You require to keep on checking our terms and conditions to keep yourself updated.
  • If you object to our current terms and conditions or the changes in them in future, you can terminate and close your Account.

10. In case of any dispute, iPay’s decision will be final